BPGNView3 (Mirror)

"Necessary for everybody who wish understand bughouse chess and/or improve in this game ! Version 3 is for bughouse something like chessbase for chess, intuitive enough for every average user."
SKAcz, beta tester (and author of DoubleChessBoard)

Original topic (http://www.thebugboard.net/messages/318/1811.html?1110552186) and whole forum is not working anymore seems.
Download here : BPGNview30Setup.exe (1408KB), the source code is here : bpgnview30source.zip (1179KB)

Bpgnview 3.0 is released. Download at http://www.its.caltech.edu/~sergiy/BPGNview30Setup.exe
Full source code can be had at http://www.its.caltech.edu/~sergiy/bpgnview30source.zip
I encourage all interested webmasters to download it instead of linking because I don't know for how long this page will exist.

Here are some of the new features:
1. Database support. This is the main reason for this release. The functionality exceeds that of bugassistant.
2. Support for JamesBaud's bpgns with lag and times in milliseconds. I made a special effort to make replay as close to realtime as possible.
3. Unlimited BPGNs. Previous versions had a limit of 10000 games per file. This limit is lifted now.
4. Airdrop support This allows bpgnviewer to work correctly with all valid bpgns currently available, in particular with bpgns from Takaru's database.
5. Redesigned search. Positional searches in databases are now possible. Nonpositional searches also improved, search window redesigned.
6. Faster operations. Files open faster now, especially database files. Many other file operations are speedier now and geared for huge bpgns.
7. Setup mode You can now setup an arbitrary starting position for the game. Legal bpgn will be generated. Should be useful for entering diagrams.
8. Proper long operations The program will now refresh itself during long operation. Some long operations (such as opening a huge bpgn) can be aborted.
9. Kill doubles
10. Utility functions. Added menu items to detect broken result tags and fix them. Also, one can replace one handle by another in a set of games.
11. Bug fixes All previously reported bugs were fixed.
12. Added FAQ file . To view FAQ in BPGNview use menu Help==>View FAQ.

Thanks goes to all who reported bugs during the testing of this program: Whoami,Beuki,LinusO,Tecumseh,and, especially, Skacz and Lieven who combined reported about 99% of all bugs. Sorry if I forgot somebody.

Using BPGNView3 - Mini manual - how to create database filter bughouse chess games which played Firefly as black in some opening line

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